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Lemon Mousse-Tini

Posted on: January 3, 2011


Yesterday we celebrated a late Christmas with our closest friends, dinner, games and of coures the presents! We had a great dinner of home made tacos and tamales from a local panaderia, so I had to make a fun dessert to go along with everything of course! I had an old recipe from a Jell-o book I got years ago that was for a fun Strawberry Mousse-Tini served in martini glasses. But I made lemon mousse in champagne flutes and they turned out great! I think it would have been better with fresh fruit on the rim of the glass, and it wasn’t as good as the lemon pudding version I make, but it was a nice fresh dessert to finish off our dinner… of course it was freezing out, so something warm would have been a little better. Go figure… I always seem to plan soup for the hot nights and cold salad for the rainy nights… Tonight I threw a bunch of cans of beans, chili and tomatoes in the crock pot to simmer together and have a nice warm chili since it’s raining out, it smells delicious and I can’t wait to start!

I believe I’m going to continue working on the soft baby blanket that I started for Jaggar, he’s going to three months old soon so I better get a move on! And then when I’m done I think I’m going to make one for me (minus the hood) so I’ll have a nice lap blanket for work, it’s always freezing in my office and I usually use my sweater as a lap blanket instead.


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