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Roast Turkey and a Fleece Scarf

Posted on: January 11, 2011

At the age of 36 I’ve somehow managed to avoid preparing a traditional holiday dinner, until now. I decided to challenge myself and see how I do. So last Saturday night we invited our best buddies over and planned a late holiday dinner to have before we went to see our local AHL hockey team play.

The menu

  • Spinach dip with pita chips, served with green onions and radishes
  • Cooking Light’s Ultimate Roasted Turkey
  • Sweet Potato and Apple Bake
  • Dried Fruit and Nut Quinoa Salad
  • Pasta Salad
  • Garlic Bread
  • Orange Rum Cake

The spinach dip was just the traditional Knorr Spinach Dip package mix, an oldie but goodie that was a perfect starter for the occasion. The turkey was about 13lbs and I was surprised how hard it was to handle something of that weight… By the time all was said and done I could actually feel a difference in my lower back (great when you’re going to sit in cold bleachers at a hockey game!) I highly recommend the recipe, especially for a newbie, if you’re interested you can find the recipe for Cooking Light’s Ultimate Roasted Turkey on the website, or just with a Google search. The Quinoa salad was a recipe I made camping last summer (you make it ahead and eat it cold, makes a great refreshing camp recipe and is so easy since it’s ready to eat!). The actual recipe is Cranberry Walnut Quinoa Salad, but I don’t like walnuts so I use either almonds or pine nuts. I also had dried cherries and apricots as well so I diced those and included those with the cranberries. Quinoa (Keen-Wa) is an awesome grain that is super easy to cook, and a great source of protein, we’ve started using it in place of rice in many dishes.  They carry it at our local Stater Bros. now, though when we first started using it we had to shop at specialty stores like Trader Joes. The Sweet Potato and Apple Bake is from a holiday cookbook I have, but I found a very similar recipe on The major differences include a 1/2 cup of rum in the orange juice mixture with some allspice as well. The rum was a bit potent, so I might actually leave that out next time. Our friend made the rest, including a yummy, if not rum heavy, cake. The cake itself was delicious and I think I’ll try to make cupcakes out of it one of these days. In fact, I would love to have one right now.

Fleece Scarf

Fleece Scarf

In the middle of all that I was able to finish off this cute fleece scarf in the colors of the hockey team, our Ontario Reign, for my daughter. The pattern for this was inspired by a friend’s scarf, and I was able to copy it with a little help from an online site called for this Fringe Scarf. I didn’t follow the pattern exactly because I wanted to stay with the color them of the Reign, and I accidentally cut the dark blue panel a little narrow, but once you fringe the fleece and shake it up, you can’t really tell. Daughter says that it helped keep her neck warm in the ice rink, and she looked great in it. It’s so easy to make I think I’ll have to make several more in all our favorite team’s colors!


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