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Hippy Candy

Posted on: January 29, 2011

We’re planning a tie dye party in March so I’m starting to find ideas and get inspiration wherever possible. One of my favorite books is What’s New Cupcake?, my hubby got it last year for my birthday, and it has the cutest things in there! One of the things it has for Christmas is candy stars that you make out of melted jolly ranchers. I just knew I could use the same idea to come up some tie dye hippy candy. So today we broke out the jolly ranchers and the cookie cutters and set to work. All in all it only took us about 20 minutes to make the candy, you can’t beat that! You break the candy into small pieces, spread it out on a foil lined cookie tray, bake at 350 for 3-4 minutes until it melts, take it out of the and use metal cookie cutters that have been coated in cooking spray to create shapes in the melted candy. Push the cookie cutters all the way in, as many as you can as close together as you can. Cool until it’s hard (stuck ours in the freezer to make it go faster) and then very carefully break off the edges that are not in cookie cutters and break apart all the cookie cutters and push the candy out if it gets stuck. Be very careful as you’ll end up with sharp edges and if the candy is thin in places it’s very fragile and break’s easily. But in the end we got about half a dozen beautiful stained glass candies and a bunch of extra pieces we can re-melt or just enjoy as is.

Here’s a  close-up:

Hippy Candy Closeup

We’re on a scientific expedition around here, rumor has it that there is a new life form waiting to be discovered. An explorer was able to sketch a glimpse he caught, and  now we’re on a search to be the first to find this new creature! He’s been dubbed an Ultra Terrestrial. Keep your eyes open!

Ultra Terrestrial

5 Responses to "Hippy Candy"

Thank you for trying this out. It was such a simple process that had never occured to me before to try until Saturday. I am inspired to make the hearts for Valentines Day cupcakes.

[…] used the same recipe to melt the candies for the toppers as i described in the Hippy Candy post. I used Jolly Rancher’s and I also tried Lifesavers. I made them thicker this time so […]

I borrowed this picture – I hope you don’t object. Seemed fitting –


[…] paper on a baking sheet, and melting them in the oven, you can make ornaments, cupcake toppers, or other decorations. They’re basically edible suncatchers. To shape them, you can either let them cool and break […]

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