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Daffodil Cupcakes

Posted on: February 9, 2011

My mom, loved daffodils. I didn’t recognize that enough while she was with us, I should have given her daffodil bouquets every chance I had. Now that she’s gone daffodils have become very special to me and every time they’re mentioned I take notice. Naturally, when I stumbled across a recipe for Daffodil Cake in the Potluck Club (Book 1) by Linda Evans Shepherd and Eva Marie Everson, I had to take note. This weekend was the 10 year anniversary of my mom (read the poem I wrote for her memorial) passing. In honor of her memory I decided to make these cupcakes for a dinner we were having with friends. My mom died from Huntington’s Disease, she was taken from me too soon, before I was old enough to realize what it means to be a mom and to be able to thank her for everything she did for me.  There is no cure for Huntington’s Disease yet, but the scientists are working on finding a cure and saving other’s (perhaps my own daughter) from having to say goodbye too soon. Enough with the public service announcement, but if you want to know more, just leave me a comment or email me and I’ll be happy to share what I know.

Daffodil CupcakesSo, the Daffodil Cake is a lemon based pineapple cake with frosting topped with coconut. I find cupcakes are better for individual servings than cakes are, so when possible I make cupcakes instead of a cake. My only regret about changing up the recipe for this was that I missed the extra layer of frosting and coconut in the middle. I tend to have a problem with lemon cake, I seem to burn them more often than any other cake. This time was no different, but I did minimize the damage to only three of the cupcakes. The cakes were delicious, the frosting (made from a package which was basically an egg white base) was shiny and spread beautifully, but the coconut made the cake!  (for me anyway) I thoroughly enjoyed them, and know my Mom would have loved them. I think I’ve found a special recipe to make whenever I need to have some time with my mom, thanks ladies from The Potluck Club for putting this idea in front of me!


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So wonderful to remember your mom. I miss her, too. She was such a kind, thoughtful person and she had the most beautiful smile. These cupcakes look scrumptious. What a great way to remember her. 🙂

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