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Door Hanger Bouncy Cat Toy

Posted on: February 15, 2011

Door Hanger Bouncy Cat Toy I finished the hooded baby blanket last night and had some of the yarn left over and was still in the mood to crochet so I did a quick search on the Lion Brand site and I found this quick and easy pattern for a Door Hanger Bouncy Cat Toy. Having spent the day home monitoring our sick kitty, it was only natural that I look for a cat related project. This pattern worked up so fast, I literally think this is the fastest project I’ve ever made. I’m not great at keeping my gauge on target, so this pattern was a good one since that is not important. I do wonder, in the ball if I’d done a little better if it would look more like a ball and less like a, uhm, deflated balloon? But that could have as much to do with my stuffing as it did the crochet. I love the spiral, I’ve never made a spiral before, but working that it made me want to crochet a flower pin, so now I’ll have to find a pattern for that. This project was probably an hour and a half tops, from start to finish. If you’ve got extra yarn and some stuffing lying around, whip this up, it’d be great for kids too I suspect… I think I’ll put this pattern in my repertoire and pull it out at Christmas to use as “ribbon” for the cat lover friends we have.Door Hanger Bouncy Cat Toy - Action Shot


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