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Jester Hat

Posted on: March 1, 2011

Today’s late post is the Jester hat from Martha Stewart, so cute. Ontario Reign Hockey fans need to show their pride…don’t all sports fans? I made a scarf for the Lizard Hunter’s wife, but he’s not a scarf kind of guy. I stumbled across this pattern for hats and new the Jester hat would be appreciated, even if he never wore it to a game.

Jester HatI love the pattern and want to make me one, but it’s way down on my list of things to do. Sadly, way, way down. This picture is taken with the team sweatshirt as the background, maybe not the best to show the hat, but fitting nonetheless.

This took me a couple of hours. I’ve made the pattern once before and made it too small so I was more careful with my measurements this time and made sure the stretchy sides of the fleece were together. (the little things do matter so much!) The part about measuring for the jester v got me both times. But it turns out in the end once I get my brain around it. I love the pom poms especially, they are so adorable. I even made an extra one to have as a cat toy!

Action shot – cell phone photo in the stadium, I added some PhotoShop effects so it looks like we meant for it to be that way 🙂

Jester Hat Action Shot


1 Response to "Jester Hat"

I love this hat! Even though we took the measurements three times, it turned out perfectly and it looks great on him.

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