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Travel Journal

Posted on: March 2, 2011

Next month my mother-in-law is going to visit her daughter who is currently stationed in Guam. They’ll be visiting the island and traveling to Japan during the trip. I’ve been crafting various projects to aid her trip and to keep my father-in-law entertained while she’s gone. This project is a dollar store project and makes a touching keepsake for a special trip like this.

Travel Journal

Here’s how I made this cute journal…


  • Small Spiral Bound Notebook (from the dollar store)
  • Travel Themed Stickers
  • Scrapbook Paper
  • Pens or Markers
  • Decorative die cuts
  • Glue or adhesive strips
  1. Tear out one sheet from the notebook. Trace it onto a piece of decorative scrapbook paper. Leave some extra on the right (spiral bound) side so that the paper covers the binding. Glue the paper to the cover of the notebook, be careful not to get glue on the binding.
  2. Using complimentary scrapbook paper make a frame and apply to the cover. Hand write “Travel Journal” using your scrapbooking pens inside the frame.
  3. Position the stickers and die cuts around your frame in a manner that pleases you. If you like, use your pens to dot the edges of the die cut to help it “pop” off the background.
  4. Let the glue dry and you’re done!

I was able to put this together very quickly without spending any extra money by raiding my scrapbooking stash. One dollar and less than an hour, this is my kind of project! You could make these at a slumber party or for any special occasion.  Great for newlyweds as a Honeymoon Journal, new parents for the first months of their little one’s life, college kids away from home for the first time and more!

A special touch would be to pre-fill in some journal prompts that relate to theme and leave a special message from you as the first entry. Happy crafting!


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