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Bike for the Cure Website Design

Posted on: March 14, 2011

I’ve had to forgo traditional crafting for some graphic design and will be tied up for the next few weeks as I continue to work through some special projects, but I do hope to get some blog posts stacked up so there won’t be such a dry run, sorry to abandon you!

I’ve finished the mock-up for the annual redesign of Bike for the Cure’s website. I was struggling with this one at first, but over the weekend, while in the desert and able to immerse a little in an Indian culture, I was able to find the inspiration that led to this banner.

Plains to Lakes Banner for Website

I used traditional symbols from the Sioux Indians as well as incorporating the theme for this year’s ride “Plains to Lakes”.

Bike for the Cure is an annual bike ride with the purpose of heightening public awareness of Huntington’s disease and raising funds for family services and research towards a cure. This will be the twelfth annual ride and will end at the Annual HDSA Convention in Minnesota. My mother passed away in 2001 from Huntington’s so I have volunteered my graphic and web design services to help raise awareness and support for the annual ride.

I’ll keep you posted as the design morphs into the final and we launch the website next month. (then I start work on the next website – hopefully I can sneak some sewing in there somewhere!)


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