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Rummage Sale Finds

Posted on: March 23, 2011

Andrea from Saving the World… One Craft at a Time and I were able to have a great start to the weekend by shopping together for craft supplies.

A local church has an annual rummage sale where they have all the families bring items for the sale and they have a huge sale for an entire weekend. The best part is that for five dollars you can fill a big with anything they have and get away with the bargain of the year!

I’ve been looking for t-shirts to create Pieced Jersey Pants for my nephew. So this was a great score for me. Not only did I find great t-shirts in great colors, but they had some fantastic surf logos on them too so I’ll definitely be incorporating those into an upcoming project.

Rummage Finds Repurpose

Rummage Finds Repurpose

I found a basket that I’m going to use to create a centerpiece for Easter with rolled fabric flowers and/or crochet flowers decorating the handle and fresh flowers in the basket.

I also found a pair of pants and a shirt I can use as is which is great because I really needed an extra pair of pants for work.

Rummage Finds

Rummage Finds

The best find of all was the lace shirt that I can repurpose for my tie dye tank. The shirt was stained in spots, but I can use that for the pieced jersey pants, and the lace I can cut off and sew to the tank I made to embellish it and dress it up. I can’t wait to finish it!

Tie Dye Tank

Tie Dye Tank that I will apply the lace to


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