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Posted on: March 28, 2011

Visited the Gem and Mineral show in Cottonwood, AZ on a whim. I have so many beads and gemstones the last thing I really need is more. You can’t walk in to a show like that and not find even more that you have to have. So I knew I was tempting fate. All things considered, I think I walked out of the show with some unique pieces that will be great additions to my wardrobe.
 I found four pieces to use as pendants and look forward to crafting the necklaces to complete the piece.

Picture Jasper with Lapiz frame

Picture Jasper with Lapiz frame

Ocean Jasper – found only in Madagascar

Ocean Jasper – found only in Madagascar



On a side note, these pictures were taken with my newly crafted macro photo studio.  I love my studio, though my masking tape is questioning whether it wants to stick or not. I used the DIY $10 Macro Photo Studio on the Strobist blog to guide me, and I used some shooting tips from my dear friend at Vasara Photography to help me nail the shots.  In my impatience, I didn’t get the best shots here, my depth of field is a little too shallow so there’s more blur than I’d like, but, I can keep playing with the settings to fine tune the results. The best part is that I have the studio for all my future projects, so hopefully my photos will improve dramatically!


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