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Green Pig

This is my Green Pig from Angry Birds

I love him even more than the red angry bird, and I adore him! I can’t wait to see the whole menagerie together. If you have loved ones that are addicted to Angry Birds like I do and you love to make things, then you should definitely check out Obsessively Stitching and make one of each from Care’s tutorials.

I love the tutorials from Care, she has great techniques that really help a hobbyist like me make sense of the sewing techniques. I also love how much character you can put into a some fleece by following her applique instructions to make their little faces.

Green Pig
Isn’t he cute? ūüôā

PS. I am obviously still figuring out how to use my macro photo studio, so some pictures are turning out better than others. I apologize for that!


Happy Easter Everyone!


Beautiful Daisy's from the Big Rock Triathlon at Lake Perris


The rosemary from my Garden Gift is blooming, so pretty!

Back in March, you’ll remember the fun tie dye¬†party we had. It’s finally time do¬†to something with the great fabric I dyed. I knew I was going to be making lightweight scarves, so I’ve been keeping my eyes open in the blogosphere for any great inspiration. As usual, I have not been let down. I found a tutorial for a Summer Scarf from Dana Made It¬†and also this Ruffled Scarf from The Sewing Republic. I didn’t have enough yardage to make the Ruffled Scarf, so I went with the Summer Scarf this time. I plan on making the Ruffled Scarf out of a rummage sale find if I can piece it together to make it long enough.

So, enough about that, my beautiful mentor, another woman in a management position who has taken me under her wing share a special birthday lunch each April as our birthdays are ten days apart. This year I knew I wanted to make her something special, and I knew she was fun-spirited enough to pull off a tie dyed scarf, so it was the perfect gift for her.

Summer Scarf

The colors are so beautiful

I love that even though this is hippy tie dye, the colors came out rich and gorgeous, like an elegant silk batik, and it worked out so that you could pair this with a great outfit for work and it would be professional, or you could throw it on with a summer skirt and t-shirt for some great fun.

I apologize for the darker pictures, the light wasn’t that great but I had to shoot it before I wrapped it!

Summer Scarf

I love the center accent that hides the gather, great touch!

Summer Scarf

A little closer

Summer Scarf

The full monty


I saw this lovely Easter Peep Arrangement featured on Sugar Bee Crafts, it’s originally from The Autocrat. Haley came up with this great idea and created the arrangement in a vase. I wanted to do the same thing, but I wanted the peeps and candy to stay fresh and remain edible, so I opted to make mine on a smaller scale and put them in recycled mason and apple sauce jars.

Peep Jelly Bean Arrangement

Peep Jelly Bean Arrangement

This was a quick and adorable craft, inexpensive too if you find the candy on sale.

I made two, and since I had jar lids, I had to come up with a way to decorate them. For one I opted to cover the lid with some pastel scrapbook paper trimmed with fancy scissors to fit the lid top and wrapped the edge in ribbon. For the other I cut out a circle of fabric, stuffed it with a little polyfil and used a mason jar lid to layer the fabric and stuffing between the two layers, then tied lace around the jar lid. 

Peep Jelly Bean Arrangement

Peep Jelly Bean Arrangement

I also used the Easter bunny peeps instead of the chick peeps because I felt they would fit in the smaller jar better. I think it turned out cute and am happy was able to take one to my WordPress guru in thanks for all the wonderful help!

April first was my birthday however I just haven’t had a moment to blog so this is just a few weeks late. I had an awesome birthday with friends and family, and received some fantastic gifts, so I wanted to share them with you.

This is my pair of Heffalumps, theyre "tie dyed" elephants. In the movie "The Fifth Element" theres a tie dyed elephant alien thingie. I want one! My husband loves me so much he got me this pair of lovely elephants so I could have my own tie dyed aliens.


Cupcake Notepad


Crocheters Handbook, interchangeable crochet hooks and beautiful ribbon yarn from Lion Brand.


My lovely daughters friend made this beautiful orange crane for me, isnt he great!


Green fleece and bulls eye fabric to use for making Ultra Terrestrials, I cant wait!


I finally have an apron! My friend made this out of some fabric off the scrap pile and a tie she found. The colors worked beautifully together and Im so excited to have an apron for crafting and cooking.


This tea-pot came from my sister-in-law in Guam and is so beautiful that I dont want to use it, I just want to display it. Im already figuring out how to decorate my kitchen so I can find a prominent place to display this.


Inside this envelope is a gift from my daughter that she made especially for me.


My husband is going to paint me a large version of this prototype to place in my office at work. The prototype turned out beautiful, I cant wait to see the full size version and take it to work!

I have the best people in my life. I am so fortunate to be surrounded by such loving and giving people and I am incredibly grateful to each of them. Thank you my dear friends!


Tomorrow is a Spring Craft Fair at the University of Redlands. Rain or shine Saving the World and I will be going out to support our local crafters, to make some new friends, and get some great ideas.

In honor of the event, I’ve done two things. The first is to create “business” cards with my blog, twitter and email address on them so I can easily share with my new friends. The second is to create the newest page on my blog, Inland Empire Crafters, to give everyone a place to start building relationships that will hopefully turn into a network of local crafters.

Do you want to see my cards? I really want to share with you! I LOVE how they turned out. After weeks of turning ideas over and over in my head, I think I finally came up with something that is perfect. So, do you want to see? Good! Aren’t they wonderful??

"Business" Cards

"Business" Cards

I want to make Bloggie¬†or is it Bloggy?? (anyone?) friends! So I’m joining the Ultimate Blog Party 2011.ÔĽŅUltimate Blog Party

The idea is simple and genius. So how could I not participate? I’m going to share a little bit about me, and then I’m going to share my blog post with the rest of the Ultimate Bloggers and voila, I will make new friends!

The first thing you should know about me is that I used to be so shy, that I was too afraid of interacting with people, that¬†I wouldn’t even go up to a fast food counter to ask for my ketchup with my fries.¬† I can’t even believe I used to be that shy! Now I’ll tend to be the quiet one in a group, but I’m definitely not afraid of people anymore.

I started blogging because I had to build a blogging system at work for our clients to use and I had so much fun building it that I had to start writing blogs myself.

I started crafting because, well, because I was born into it I think, and more importantly because crafting makes me HAPPY. My dad is into woodworking – he made the most beautiful hand-made¬†and hand painted dartboard cases when we lived in England. My aunt (Dad’s sister)¬†as well,¬† she made more traditional wood crafts, mostly I remember cookie jars with interchangeable hand painted lids for the holidays, though these days she’s moved on to quilting. Their mom was into ceramics and porcelain, I have at least half a dozen handmade porcelain dolls from Grandma. When I got married, it turned out that my husband’s mother was also a crafter, and she loves to cross stitch and quilt, though she’s dabbled in a few other crafts as well. His father was into creating furniture, and we are blessed to have a home filled with hand-made¬†beautiful art from all of our family!

The first craft I remember is making a God’s eye from scrap yarn and shish-ka-bob sticks. I probably made crafts before that, but I can vividly remember the Girl Scout meeting and making those God’s Eyes. I’ve tried more crafts than I care to admit, and have so many craft tools and supplies from all my experimenting that I believe I will be able to craft for an entire year without having to purchase many new items at all!

Right now I’m crafting other people’s ideas, like the pieced jersey pants from KojoDesigns¬†and the Angry Bird collection from Care at Obsessively Stitching. There are so many amazing ideas out there (for example, see my to do list page)¬†I don’t know if I’ll ever have to come up with my own ideas. But I want to give back to the crafter community and share some fun ideas with them, so hopefully some day I’ll get there and be able to give back.

I work full-time, and I’ve learned that crafting is a full-time job, so I take much longer to get a project done than I expect when I start out. I am so ambitious that I will sometimes think I can finish half a dozen projects in a weekend, and then I realize the weekend is gone and I have finished one project and haven’t done my laundry, gone grocery shopping, or come up for air the whole time!

I am married to a triathlete (as in swim, bike run) and I support him and his efforts in any way possible. I’ve learned how to take my portable crafts to his races so I can use my time wisely, and usually I get my crafting done and still get to take pictures when he races by and at the end when he gets his award. I’m so proud of him and the fact that he competed at the National level last year and is competing in the World’s championship this November! Can you talk Team USA crafts? I know I can. ūüôā

I have an 18-year-old daughter who is in college and finding her way in the world. She’s not into crafts, but she talent in the arts and often relies on that talent when gift giving.

I’m enjoing exploring cooking and I consider that a craft too, so don’t be surprised if you see an awful lot of food crafts as posts on my blog. One of these days I even hope to home craft some beer with the Lizard Hunter

Apparently, if you give me the chance, I’ll type your eyes off, but don’t be surprised if when we meet in person I have very little to say, especially if there is more than one of you at a time. It’s just the way I am.

¬†I look forward to meeting you and hope you’ll forgive that my posts are irregular and that I have to deal with my day job before I can get to the fun!

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