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Angry Birds – The Red One

Posted on: May 12, 2011

Apparently I needed a hiatus. Perhaps it was a Sabbatical. I think I did too much for too many days in a row and I crashed and burned. But I’m slowly finding my footing and getting back to good. I apologize for my absence and hope it won’t happen again!
So where was I? Oh yes, as I mentioned in the Green Pig post, I also made the red bird from Angry Birds. 
Angry Birds - The Red One
Angry Birds – The Red One

I’ve actually made three of these now. With this one perched atop one of my tea cups from my awesome birthday tea set I realize it looks like he’s sitting on a barrel. Perhaps this one is a bit of a pirate, maybe he needs an eye patch. 🙂

The red bird was my first fleece plushie, and an instant favorite, it was such a quick fun project, and watching the character come to life was magical! I’ve never had a project with such instant charm that touched me and made me smile, I look forward to making many fun plushie creatures and can’t wait to share them with friends and family so they can all smile too!
For this, I have to think Care from Obsessively Stitching, her tutorials are awesome, she responds to email, and her ideas are endless! I highly recommend you visit Obsessively Stitching and check out her projects, and definitely make your own Angry Bird! Even if you’re new to sewing, her tutorials are so great you’ll be able to follow along, check them out.
P.S. when you participate, be sure to post in her Flickr group.

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