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The Circle Skirt

Posted on: June 1, 2011

Or should I say, the AWESOME Circle Skirt. I love this project. I love that I actually get to use geometry skills, and that I did okay even though I sucked in geometry. I love that the fabric spoke to me at the store, and that it turned out better than I could imagine. Oh, and quite possibly the thing I love most is how fast this project comes together, even with taking time to press down the hems. (sometimes a step the impatient me skips)
I made these for my eight year old niece. she’s roughly 8500 miles away. I couldn’t measure her very well so I had to wing it. Thankfully her mom helped with the basics and I just guessed on how long to make it. It’d be nice if I had an action shot to show you how they turned out, but apparently cameras only work underwater there, and since this isn’t a swim-skirt I’m out of luck.

The pattern came from Dana on the MADE blog, and was easy to follow and more easy to fall in love with. You’ll find it on their website if you search for Circle Skirt. (or just click to follow the link) Even though I’m not a skirt wearer, I’m thinking about making one of these to lounge around the house in…maybe. Or at least to keep on my list for an easy way to whip up a skirt for a Halloween costume!

So, do you want to see them??

Tie Dyed Skirt

Tie Dyed Skirt

Tie Dyed Skirt with Upcycled T into Tank
Tie Dyed Skirt with Upcycled T into Tank
Jungle Love
Jungle Love

Oh, that reminds me, the green/blue one is the tie dyed fabric I made from our fabulous tie dye party back in March. As you can see, the tie dye wasn’t consistent, so as she twirls the skirt, it will be fluid, how cool is that?

The upcycled T into Tank is a rummage sale find. The T was too big for my niece so I cut it down, added some bias and made a tank to go with the skirt. Turned out pretty good I think.

Finally the jungle print was the one that called to me from the shelf and said “Me, me, choose me!” How could I not? It’s such a great print, and only an 8-year-old girl (okay, she’s 9 now) could get away with wearing it, so it was a perfect choice.

Don’t you just want one??


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