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Since I started writing this blog I’ve been wanting to go through all my craft supplies and make it easier for me to have craft supplies at my finger tips when inspiration strikes. Craft Organize AfterThere was one problem with that…a few years back we decided to put our house up for sale, and in staging our house to sell it, we had to pack away all our fun things like craft supplies. With the market as it is, we never sold the house, but we got used to living in a decluttered home so we kept the storage unit and left a lot of our items in the facility. So I decided to go brave the boxes and dig out at least some of my craft supplies.  Once I did, I brought them all back and unpacked everything in our living room. Wow, I had forgotten how years of crafting can lead to such a stash!

Craft Organize MiddleFor Christmas my dear friend got me a bunch of these great storage bins to help me organize, so I finally pulled them all out and started trying to make all those supplies fit in these great bins! That was easier said than done. It turns out I don’t have a lot of supplies, I have A LOT of supplies. I grouped everything together and did my best to fit them all in here. Fortunately I had a few extra plastic bins lying around and somehow I was able to make it work.

Craft Organize After When all was said and done, I rearranged items on the bookshelves in our office and was able to free up one book shelf for crafting. When I got it all in place this is what it looked like. A huge change, and now my craft supplies are in the next room, instead of being in the boxes, in the storage facility down the street. It makes it so much easier to stay actively crafting and creating great projects from all the fantastic blogs I’ve found!


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