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Tomorrow is a Spring Craft Fair at the University of Redlands. Rain or shine Saving the World and I will be going out to support our local crafters, to make some new friends, and get some great ideas.

In honor of the event, I’ve done two things. The first is to create “business” cards with my blog, twitter and email address on them so I can easily share with my new friends. The second is to create the newest page on my blog, Inland Empire Crafters, to give everyone a place to start building relationships that will hopefully turn into a network of local crafters.

Do you want to see my cards? I really want to share with you! I LOVE how they turned out. After weeks of turning ideas over and over in my head, I think I finally came up with something that is perfect. So, do you want to see? Good! Aren’t they wonderful??

"Business" Cards

"Business" Cards

 The last creation for my in-law’s was the gift for my father-in-law that pulls it all together and gives him some daily activity to keep him entertained while his wife travels the world.

After much brainstorming I finally decided to make a countdown calendar.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own countdown calendar

  • Spiral Bound Index  Cards (whatever size you find)
  • Stickers (assortment based on the special days you find)
  • Paper (assorted, to print your events on)
  • Glue
  • Gift box (I used a photo box)
  • Materials for projects you choose to include or make as part of the kit
    • I used:
      • Yarn
      • Poly fiberfill
      • Pretty paper – blank
      • Envelope
      • 2 sheets of paper
      • Instructions for drawing a bird
      • Recipe
      • Bottle of salsa
      • Can of Beans
      • Envelope


What to do:

Step One:

Figure out the dates for your countdown. Write them down in a list so you can make notes next to them, like this:

  • Tuesday, April 5 T-15
  • Wednesday, April 6 T-14
  • Thursday, April 7 T-13
  • Monday, April 18 T-2
  • Tuesday, April 19 T-1
  • Wednesday, April 20 T-0

Step Two:

Surf the internet to find websites that highlight the special days during the time that your countdown occurs. I searched Google for “Special events calendar 2011” and for “Fun Holidays Calendar 2011” I was looking for non-traditional holidays, things like Opposites Day, National Walk to Work Day, or Hammock Day. Some of the best sites I found were:

As you find holidays that fit the person or would be fun to include, write them down on the list you created. Keep looking through the list until you have something for every day. If you find that you don’t have enough to fill up your calendar, consider including a special recipe for them to make something you know they like. Buy the non-perishable ingredients for the recipe and include them in the kit. Buy them a television series, DVD, book or magazine and include that on the list of things to do as well.

Step Three:

Now that you’ve got your list (and you found some additional  reasons to craft) it’s time to start building your calendar.

You can either hand write on your calendar the days and your events, or you can use a template in your word processing program to put three index cards to one sheet of 8 ½ x 11 paper and print them out. Put each event on it’s own index card

Step Four:

Decorate with stickers as appropriate

Step Five:

Decorate the cover of your countdown calendar

Step Six:

Collect all the items you need to help celebrate your holidays.

Step Seven:

Assemble all your items in your gift box

Step Eight:

Present your countdown kit to the lucky recipient!

I have a lot of pictures so bear with me on this one, just keep scrolling down to see the Countdown Calendar I created and the final presentation.

Countdown Kit Final Presentation

Countdown Kit Final Presentation

I’m glad I have some extra cards left over from my KITs, I’ll be sending a note to Max tomorrow, I hope you will to!

A moment of your time can help someone else’s dream come true! Max is a 12-year-old living w/Leukemia and his wish is to receive 1M Get Well Cards. Please send a card to this young boy.

PO BOX 111
Neola, IA 51559 USA

 'Mighty Max' Low

Note: more info on link in the article: Battling Cancer, A Superhero Kid Asks For ‘Get Well’ Cards | MTV Act Blog “In hopes of breaking the Guinness world record, ‘Mighty Max’ asks for 1 million get well cards. …”

Another project for the world traveler.

Whenever I travel I have the best intentions of keeping all my tickets, receipts brochures, maps, etc. and bringing them home to create a wonderful, rich, scrapbook or special memory book, like my oldest friend and her husband created after their trip to Italy. I’d love to show you the book, but it’s packed away in one of my favorite boxes. 🙂

However, what I end up with is a bunch of torn brochures, folded papers and crumpled receipts  stuck inside a newspaper,  with many more items lost along the way. When I get home they are  thrown into a box with all my other travel memorabilia intending to use them, but never getting around to it. I am good at boxes. I have a lot of boxes.

To help my mother-in-law and give her a better chance than I give myself, I (and by I, I do mean Andrea from Saving the World) created this cute Keepsake Folder to safely store all her paper memorabilia while she’s traveling. (Andrea crafted this while I was working on the Scrappy Stuffed Heart.)

Keepsake FolderThis is what you’ll need:

  • Velcro Plastic Envelope for 8 1/2″x 11″ paper (Dollar Store)
  • Stickers
  • Die Cuts

This one is so easy, it doesn’t even need instructions!

Decorate your envelope using stickers and die cuts to make the envelope a personalized memento for your world traveler.

Tip: If you’re using letter stickers, layer two colors together to create a drop shadow effect.

This folder would be good for traveler’s and honeymooners’, scrapbooker’s, friends that are remodeling (to keep all their samples, paint colors, etc.), crafter’s (to keep patterns, samples for color matching, etc.) and even for athlete’s that are competing in a special event away from home.

Another easy, but thoughtful project that will be a hit with your loved one. Enjoy!

PS. It’s very convenient that the travel journal I (and again, I really means Andrea) made, fits perfectly inside the Keepsake Folder and will be conveniently located for the traveler to record special moments about each day as they carefully store their memorabilia in the folder.

Next month my mother-in-law is going to visit her daughter who is currently stationed in Guam. They’ll be visiting the island and traveling to Japan during the trip. I’ve been crafting various projects to aid her trip and to keep my father-in-law entertained while she’s gone. This project is a dollar store project and makes a touching keepsake for a special trip like this.

Travel Journal

Here’s how I made this cute journal…


  • Small Spiral Bound Notebook (from the dollar store)
  • Travel Themed Stickers
  • Scrapbook Paper
  • Pens or Markers
  • Decorative die cuts
  • Glue or adhesive strips
  1. Tear out one sheet from the notebook. Trace it onto a piece of decorative scrapbook paper. Leave some extra on the right (spiral bound) side so that the paper covers the binding. Glue the paper to the cover of the notebook, be careful not to get glue on the binding.
  2. Using complimentary scrapbook paper make a frame and apply to the cover. Hand write “Travel Journal” using your scrapbooking pens inside the frame.
  3. Position the stickers and die cuts around your frame in a manner that pleases you. If you like, use your pens to dot the edges of the die cut to help it “pop” off the background.
  4. Let the glue dry and you’re done!

I was able to put this together very quickly without spending any extra money by raiding my scrapbooking stash. One dollar and less than an hour, this is my kind of project! You could make these at a slumber party or for any special occasion.  Great for newlyweds as a Honeymoon Journal, new parents for the first months of their little one’s life, college kids away from home for the first time and more!

A special touch would be to pre-fill in some journal prompts that relate to theme and leave a special message from you as the first entry. Happy crafting!

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