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Happy Easter Everyone!


Beautiful Daisy's from the Big Rock Triathlon at Lake Perris


The rosemary from my Garden Gift is blooming, so pretty!


Visited the Gem and Mineral show in Cottonwood, AZ on a whim. I have so many beads and gemstones the last thing I really need is more. You can’t walk in to a show like that and not find even more that you have to have. So I knew I was tempting fate. All things considered, I think I walked out of the show with some unique pieces that will be great additions to my wardrobe.
 I found four pieces to use as pendants and look forward to crafting the necklaces to complete the piece.

Picture Jasper with Lapiz frame

Picture Jasper with Lapiz frame

Ocean Jasper – found only in Madagascar

Ocean Jasper – found only in Madagascar



On a side note, these pictures were taken with my newly crafted macro photo studio.  I love my studio, though my masking tape is questioning whether it wants to stick or not. I used the DIY $10 Macro Photo Studio on the Strobist blog to guide me, and I used some shooting tips from my dear friend at Vasara Photography to help me nail the shots.  In my impatience, I didn’t get the best shots here, my depth of field is a little too shallow so there’s more blur than I’d like, but, I can keep playing with the settings to fine tune the results. The best part is that I have the studio for all my future projects, so hopefully my photos will improve dramatically!

Last August my buddy at work took a new job and moved to Idaho. As so often happens when people move, they clear out things and you inherit things. I was fortunate to inherit another plant for my office from her. It’s called a purple shamrock. She had gotten it at St. Patrick’s Day last year and had nurtured it to keep it alive all that time. My office apparently wasn’t as nurturing as hers was so I decided to bring the plant home and nurse it back to health. My green thumb must be purple because through the winter it completely died off, I was so sad. You can imagine my surprise and great joy when after some great rains and a few sunny days it started coming back. It got even better though! The flowers blossomed and bloomed and this hand me down plant turned into a beautiful flowering plant! This one’s for you JW! Purple Shamrock version 1

Jack FrostThis morning it was about 34 degrees when I drove into work, and with a crisp clear morning I saw the first evidence of frost across the land. As I was driving in to work I saw image after image that would be great if I’d had my camera and the time to stop, so I took a few 3x5s in my mind and commited them to my internal photo gallery.

When I pulled into the parking lot I couldn’t believe my eyes as I saw this fallen telephone pole used to hold the net between the driving range and our parking lot covered with frost and shimmering as the sun’s first light set it to sparkling. I ran over and took many shots on my cell phone and on my little point and shoot camera. Amazingly the best shot I got was from my cell phone and all day long I was thinking about how I could “fantasize” it. I pictured some northern lights and crystals on it taking the sky out and putting in the more fantasy style atmosphere… after spending more than an hour on it I just couldn’t come up with something I liked. So I cropped the shot, framed it and like it way better after five minutes work than everything else I tried. So, behold, today’s masterpiece… Jack Frost.

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