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Back in March, you’ll remember the fun tie dye party we had. It’s finally time do to something with the great fabric I dyed. I knew I was going to be making lightweight scarves, so I’ve been keeping my eyes open in the blogosphere for any great inspiration. As usual, I have not been let down. I found a tutorial for a Summer Scarf from Dana Made It and also this Ruffled Scarf from The Sewing Republic. I didn’t have enough yardage to make the Ruffled Scarf, so I went with the Summer Scarf this time. I plan on making the Ruffled Scarf out of a rummage sale find if I can piece it together to make it long enough.

So, enough about that, my beautiful mentor, another woman in a management position who has taken me under her wing share a special birthday lunch each April as our birthdays are ten days apart. This year I knew I wanted to make her something special, and I knew she was fun-spirited enough to pull off a tie dyed scarf, so it was the perfect gift for her.

Summer Scarf

The colors are so beautiful

I love that even though this is hippy tie dye, the colors came out rich and gorgeous, like an elegant silk batik, and it worked out so that you could pair this with a great outfit for work and it would be professional, or you could throw it on with a summer skirt and t-shirt for some great fun.

I apologize for the darker pictures, the light wasn’t that great but I had to shoot it before I wrapped it!

Summer Scarf

I love the center accent that hides the gather, great touch!

Summer Scarf

A little closer

Summer Scarf

The full monty


We gathered 8 of us together for a birthday party for Beans’ friend, good food, great cupcakes and some tie dye. Everyone except Beans and myself had never worked with tie dye before. They’re all 18 years or older, and have never done tie dye.

NEVER done tie dye. Wow.

Thankfully four more people have been introduced and loved it. Not only did they love it, but they created some beautiful wearable art!

Tie dye and cameras don’t go that well together so all I have are pictures of the finished pieces, and then only some of them. I’ll try to get more and add them in.

Rain's Tie Dye

So many colors and the bulls-eye spiral is awesome

Taz's Tie Dye

Great soft effect, this technique would be great for dying fabric for sewing patterns

Tie Dye Skirt

This is for my niece, it's going to be a skirt, she requested the blue and green, I love the blending

Tie Dye Tank

This was a spiral roll, and turned out better than I hoped, can't wait to embellish this!

Tie Dye Folded

I love the colors, but the fold didn't have as much impact as I hoped. This was a simple back and forth fold.

Tie Dye Triangle Fold

This was my favorite "wing-it" technique. We folded this long strip like a paper football (in math class, we all did that right?) which was just a triangle fold up the entire length.

Tie Dye Scarf Traditional Version 1

This was a traditional scrunch and rubber band into a ball before applying the dye, used a lot of dye on this one.

Tie Dye Scarf Traditional Version 2

Same as above, with less dye. and more randomness in the scrunching if I remember correct.

Since the party one of the artists has gone on to have her own tie dye session to make gifts for a friend, and another one has claimed she wants to have a tie dye session on a regular basis!
To have your own tie dye party this is what you’ll need.
  • Tie dye kit (make sure to buy a kit with enough dye to cover all the shirts/fabrics your guests bring)
  • Cotton fabric, t-shirts or tank tops (socks, pillow cases, etc. – just make sure it’s cotton or the dye will not take)
  • Extra rubber bands
  • Extra rubber gloves
  • Outdoor area
  • Tables
  • Plastic table cloths or trash bags to cover the work area
  • Bucket of water to soak the shirts in
  • Instructions for tie dye patterns (comes in the tie dye kit, but you can find more on the internet)
  • Make your own hoagie sandwiches (assorted breads, meats, cheeses, condiments and veggies)
  • Fruit tray
  • Chips
  • Assorted Beverages

We skipped the formal invitations and decorations, but I can envision all kinds of fun to really pull this thing together into a more formal party if you wanted to.

Don’t forget that tie dying can be time-consuming and is messy. Make sure to allow plenty of time (check your tie dye kit instruction and find out if your t-shirts/fabric need to presoak in a chemical treatment, or just water) for the dying process. Art takes time, and getting the shirts prepared for dying, especially for newbies, can be challenging. Most of all enjoy yourself and have fun creating a one of a kind wearable art item! We ate our lunch, tie dyed, and then came back in for dessert and games. Do whatever works best for you and your friends!

Be on the look out for pieces I create from the dyed cotton fabric!

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