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Andrea from Saving the World… One Craft at a Time and I were able to have a great start to the weekend by shopping together for craft supplies.

A local church has an annual rummage sale where they have all the families bring items for the sale and they have a huge sale for an entire weekend. The best part is that for five dollars you can fill a big with anything they have and get away with the bargain of the year!

I’ve been looking for t-shirts to create Pieced Jersey Pants for my nephew. So this was a great score for me. Not only did I find great t-shirts in great colors, but they had some fantastic surf logos on them too so I’ll definitely be incorporating those into an upcoming project.

Rummage Finds Repurpose

Rummage Finds Repurpose

I found a basket that I’m going to use to create a centerpiece for Easter with rolled fabric flowers and/or crochet flowers decorating the handle and fresh flowers in the basket.

I also found a pair of pants and a shirt I can use as is which is great because I really needed an extra pair of pants for work.

Rummage Finds

Rummage Finds

The best find of all was the lace shirt that I can repurpose for my tie dye tank. The shirt was stained in spots, but I can use that for the pieced jersey pants, and the lace I can cut off and sew to the tank I made to embellish it and dress it up. I can’t wait to finish it!

Tie Dye Tank

Tie Dye Tank that I will apply the lace to


Mad Money UpcyclesFor Valentine’s Day I wanted to make cookies for our run group friends, and if you’re going to have cookies you must have something to store them in. I’ve been saving up Pringle’s cans just knowing I could use them for something great like this. While I was scouring the internet looking for inspiration I stumbled across the blog What Allie’s Making Now and found her post Honey Drops. The cookies sounded fantastic, and I loved the recycled Pringle’s cans so I knew I’d found my craft!

I opted to make the tins even more reusable and fashioned them into Mad Money Tins so they could use them as a bank to save money for a special occasion once they finished all their yummy cookies. You can imagine my surprise when there wasn’t any honey in the honey cookies! Nonetheless they turned out delicious, if not a little time-consuming, I couldn’t get the dough to stick together right so rolling the balls was a challenge. It was a humid night in the kitchen (dishwasher was running) so I blame it on that! My husband has already requested that they be added to my list for the holiday season next year so they must have been a hit!

I love shrinky dinks, so I had to play with those too, each tin got two little shrinky dink ornaments added to enhance the theme! I picked a theme for each of our friends and decorated the tins accordingly. It was a lot of fun putting together the Mad Money Tins, and it’s great to encourage friends to put money aside for a fun time for them. Sometimes we all get so caught up in the day-to-day life events, or triathlon training events, that we forget to stop and smell the roses. (or cookies!) So here’s my little way to help out with that…

Costa Rica Tin~~Puppy Tin~~France Tin

Costa Rica Mad Money Costa Rica Shrinky Dinks

Puppy Mad Money

Puppy Shrinky Dinks
France Mad MoneyFrance Shrinky Dinks

Next step is to make one for our family!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all our friends, we love you guys!

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