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Oak Tree, Conroy, South Carolina Black beans seem to be the ingredient of the year so far… In October of 2010 the family took a trip to Myrtle Beach in South Carolina to attend the Long Course Triathlon Halfmax National Championship. (my husband competed and qualified for the World Championships!) While there we had the pleasure of fitting in some sight-seeing and we went to a small town called Conway to experience the traditional southern small town. We visited the cemetery, took a driving home tour and were able to see homes from the late 1800s, and we saw the largest and oldest oak trees I’ve ever seen in my life! They call them Live Oaks and they’re as impressive as the older homes. So while we were there we had to indulge in some fine southern food and found a place called The Trestle Cafe and my daughter ordered sandwich with black bean soup. Apparently it was the best black bean soup ever! I’ve tried two different recipes and neither one captured the flavor of that one. Tonight’s attempt was the Black Bean Soup recipe from the Our Best Bites blog. One thing I’m learning is that I LOVE Black Bean Soupblack bean soup. Daughter may not be as happy as I am, but my taste buds are loving this new addition to our dinner options. To her credit, it’s not that she isn’t enjoying the soups, it’s just that none of them are the same as the one from The Trestle. I guess I’ll just have to keep trying!

Tonight’s recipe was delicious, the lime really made a nice touch, and although I liked the pureed version, my daughter prefers the chunky version. If you want a quick, easy and healthy dinner, I definitely recommend the black bean soup. We served it with corn bread and called it done. It was perfect! Thanks ladies from Our Best Bites!

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