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Lion Brand Yarn Hooded Baby BlanketI haven’t been posting as often because I haven’t had as much to share while I focus on one bigger project. It’s a great project, however it doesn’t leave me much to talk about when I’m crocheting the same pattern night after night. I thought it was far enough along at this point that I can post a picture and show you what I’ve been working. I’m working with the Lion Brand Pound of Love to make a Hooded Baby Afghan. I borrowed this image from  to give you an idea of what I’m working on.  I just knew this would be adorable when I saw this in the store, and now that I’m working the pattern, it’s so easy, but I love the way it looks! I definitely want to make another one for me to have a nice blanket at my desk for those days when the air conditioner is running too cold, even though it’s 90 degrees outside! I’m not sure what color I’ll go with when I make mine… Now that I think about it, this might make a good Christmas/Birthday gift for other office dweller’s… Of course, I will probably leave the hood off, though I think it would be pretty awesome if we all had our hoodies to wear it work, I can just see the group photo now!

Hooded Baby BlanketSo, for my version of this I’m using Turquoise to make it, and the image I took does not do the color justice in the least. The blue here looks more like a sky blue, but the color is a really a good gemstone turquoise color and is great for a little boy! I think this stitch would also make a good beanie… Maybe I’ll have to try my hand at that. I’ve never made a crochet item without having a pattern for it. The intended recipient was born in October last year, but he lives in Seattle, so it’s my hope that he’ll still be chilly enough to enjoy it when I finally get this in the mail to him! I’ll try to get an action shot when all is said and done, his mom and dad both love to take pictures, I’m sure they’ll help me out with a great shot of him all bundled up.  My only concern is that their kitty Merlin will like it as much as baby does! My cats have sure been enjoying it while I’ve made it, but there is that thing about cats and a ball of yarn, so that cold definitely have something to do with it.

My other project recently has been setting myself up to have an easy way to communicate with my friends that are not local, I think I’ll call them KIT’s (Keep-In-Touch-Stock). I want to be a better friend and stay in touch better so I was trying to figure out how to do that. I came up with a pretty simple idea, so simple that it’s ridiculous. I went and bought a few of those assorted greeting card multi-packs so I now have 24 cards. I picked the three friends that I want to send stuff too, I picked friends that don’t use email or technology to communicate or who are going through some tough times. I printed out address labels and return address labels and bought a book of stamps. I pre-stamped and pre-labeled all the cards, and now I have them ready to go. So once a week I’m going to take 10 minutes to write a personal note and drop it in the mail. I really want to include something special too, so I’ve been keeping my eye open for comics, quotes, articles, or anything else I can slip into the note before I send it off. I think it’s going to be great, and if I send one card a week to each of my three friends, I’m good for two months, just with about an hour’s worth of prep time. I’m keeping the cards in my desk at work, so when I’m on a conference call and waiting for it to start, or on hold for something, or one of our systems crash and I am waiting for it to come back up I can just pull out a card and write it out quickly while I have the free time. Should be great! I hope they like it and Keep In Touch!

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