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Or should I say, the AWESOME Circle Skirt. I love this project. I love that I actually get to use geometry skills, and that I did okay even though I sucked in geometry. I love that the fabric spoke to me at the store, and that it turned out better than I could imagine. Oh, and quite possibly the thing I love most is how fast this project comes together, even with taking time to press down the hems. (sometimes a step the impatient me skips)
I made these for my eight year old niece. she’s roughly 8500 miles away. I couldn’t measure her very well so I had to wing it. Thankfully her mom helped with the basics and I just guessed on how long to make it. It’d be nice if I had an action shot to show you how they turned out, but apparently cameras only work underwater there, and since this isn’t a swim-skirt I’m out of luck.

The pattern came from Dana on the MADE blog, and was easy to follow and more easy to fall in love with. You’ll find it on their website if you search for Circle Skirt. (or just click to follow the link) Even though I’m not a skirt wearer, I’m thinking about making one of these to lounge around the house in…maybe. Or at least to keep on my list for an easy way to whip up a skirt for a Halloween costume!

So, do you want to see them??

Tie Dyed Skirt

Tie Dyed Skirt

Tie Dyed Skirt with Upcycled T into Tank
Tie Dyed Skirt with Upcycled T into Tank
Jungle Love
Jungle Love

Oh, that reminds me, the green/blue one is the tie dyed fabric I made from our fabulous tie dye party back in March. As you can see, the tie dye wasn’t consistent, so as she twirls the skirt, it will be fluid, how cool is that?

The upcycled T into Tank is a rummage sale find. The T was too big for my niece so I cut it down, added some bias and made a tank to go with the skirt. Turned out pretty good I think.

Finally the jungle print was the one that called to me from the shelf and said “Me, me, choose me!” How could I not? It’s such a great print, and only an 8-year-old girl (okay, she’s 9 now) could get away with wearing it, so it was a perfect choice.

Don’t you just want one??

I’ve lived in Redlands for 15 years, raised my daughter here and turned our house into a home. Whenever we travel we always wonder what it would be like to live there, but when we get home, we know that nowhere can be more home to us than Redlands, CA is. We have all the big city amenities and the historic turn of the century feeling with our great Victorian homes. If you get caught up in the day-to-day like we do sometimes, take a moment and think about these wonderful things we have in Redlands.

 This post was inspired by the great DIY/craft blog C.R.A.F.T. (Creating Really Awesome Free Things) Jaime is running a linky party for her blog called Creating Really Awesome Free Trips, and I’ve added a link to this post there. Be sure to join the party to see great trips to take all over the country, including San Diego, Austin, Denver, New York and more!

Creating Really Awesome Free Trips

Creating Really Awesome Free Trips

Let’s get onto the fun and free things inRedlands…

Farmers’ Markets

Great weather in Southern California lends itself to fantastic fare at our year round Farmers’ Markets, so good that we have three every week! If you want to delight your senses, visit any one of our Farmers’ Markets to take in the smells of fresh fruits and vegetables, cheeses, breads and more. Let your eyes be delighted by the color palette presented to you on each table and especially in the floral booths. Tease your taste buds with samples of caramel apples, roasted nuts, fresh fruits and more. It’s free to wander and look, but you’ll want to bring some cash because it’s hard to resist the temptation once you’re senses have been overwhelmed. If you attend the Market Night on Thursday Night you will also be treated to live entertainment with bands performing in the courtyard and sometimes dancers, singers or musicians spread throughout State Street. You’ll also find bounce houses and pony rides for the kids for a small fee. Adults will enjoy “window” shopping at the several blocks of booths and perhaps be tempted to take something home. If you want dinner you’ll find many vendors selling everything from tri-tip sandwiches, gyros and burritos to pizza, snow cones and funnel cake. This can easily provide an hour or more worth of entertainment, but don’t be surprised if you find yourself wanting to pull out your wallet once or twice.

Redlands Bowl

The site of high school graduations in town is also famous for it’s free Shakespeare Festival in the month of May and Summer Concert Series from the end of June through August. Tuesdays and Fridays (and some Saturdays) experience the Summer Music Festival. Enjoy bands like the US Coast Guard or Marine Core Band, watch plays (Cinderella this year), amazing musicians (Barrage), opera and more. Pack a picnic dinner and get there early for the best seating. Shows start at 8:15. Find the full schedule of events on the Redlands Bowl website.

Redlands Bike Classic

Every March the community of Redlands turns into the most bicycle friendly community in the states when it hosts an entirely volunteer run Bike Classic, a four days stage race with a community expo and taste of world class racing. The winner of the Amgen Tour of California 2011 Chris Horner won the Redlands Classic in 2000, 2002, 2003, 2004,  and we’ve seen other pros like Cadel Evans, Christian Vande Velde, Dave Zabrisikie, Levi Leipheimer and too many more to name. Put this on your calendar if you’re a cycling fan and come see the next generation of champions. We also host a women’s classic, one of the few and it’s awesome to see the women out on course tearing it up. More info can be found on the Redlands Bicycle Classic website. All events are free to watch, but if you want to ride, you can participate in the public races or the family fun rides for an entry fee.

The Lincoln Memorial Shrine

The Lincoln Memorial Shrine is a free museum where visitors can be inspired by the life and accomplishments of Abraham Lincoln. Visit the museum to see a fascinating collection of memorabilia from the life and time of Abraham Lincoln including hand written letters, paintings, weapons, sculptures, photos and more. Exhibits change occasionally and sometimes there are special events, check the website for more details. The building was originally built in 1935 and modernized in 1998; it alone is worth the visit. While you’re here, you can stroll over to the A.K. Smiley Public Library for their free stories and crafts; find the schedule on the website. With a library card you can not only check out traditional books, but check out eBooks or eAudioBooks from many different sites as well.

Redlands Air Show

Each Fall (this year it is on October 7) Redlands hosts it’s very own air show. There is a small fee to enter the airport and watch the show from the flight line and see the exhibits, but as it’s an air show, you can cop a squat in a nearby area with a picnic and watch the flights for free. I highly recommend you support the Redlands Airport and visit the flight line for the exhibits and a front row seat. The water drop and helicopter flights are some of my favorite performances, but it’s always fun to see the classic trick planes strut their stuff too, especially when you get the women pilots in the air!

Movies in the Park by Redlands AYSO Cultural Exchange Team
Summer Friday Nights at the Redlands Sports Park (1790 North Dearborn) you can treat yourself to a flashback with a family movie in the park that’s fun for kids and adults alike. Activities and gates open at 6:30.  Movies begin at Dusk.  Concessions with specials each night will be available.  There is plenty of parking and clean restrooms in the sports park.  Movies will run every Friday beginning July 10th with “Madagascar 2” and ending with ‘Teen Night’ on August 14th with “Transformers”. Pack a picnic dinner, bring your chairs or blankets and enjoy a family night with a family movie under the stars.

Prospect Park, Sylvan Park, Ford Park

Redlands has its fair share of parks, great places to spend a relaxing afternoon strolling, playing or just lounging. Ford Park has two ponds with geese, fish and even a Frisbee golf course. Prospect Park has an outdoor amphitheater (ticket prices vary) and is surrounded by orange groves and other local plants. There is a great walking trail and if you’re lucky you’ll see the park squirrels scampering through the bushes. Sylvan Park is the site of our 4th of July events, Car Show, Chili Cook Off, Breathless Agony and more. Not to mention it has acres of green rolling lawns with a rose garden, two great play grounds, and picnic tables all through the park. If you want  visit the Lawn Bowling club at the south end of the park for a free lesson! Learn about all of our parks on the City of Redlands website.

Car Show and Chili Cook off

This is free for children 12 and under and a mere $3 suggested donation for adults. Visit Sylvan Park and enjoy a car show on the lawn under the shade of huge trees, visit the chili cookoff and spend a great day in the park. Held every May, check the Redlands Optimist Club for more information.

The Asistencia

The Asistencia outpost of the Mission San Gabriel in Redlands is open Tuesday through Saturday: 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. This is a 1930s reconstruction of an 1830s ranch outpost of Mission San Gabriel. Buildings include a small museum with site history and a chapel. The Asistencia is indeed a very small museum but in a beautiful building with a wonderful tower and cross out front. If you love photo opportunities this one is for you and it’s also a rare chance to see mission architecture up close and personal.

Historical Glass Museum

Looking up the website for one of the other features I discovered something I’ve never heard of, the Historical Glass Museum. I’ll be adding this to my list of things to do this summer. From the website “No,Redlands Glass Museum is not a museum made of glass, but it is the only museum west of the Mississippi River limited to displaying glassware made by American glass makers and artists. The Historical Glass Museum exhibits over 7,000 examples of glass pieces found in the home from the 1800s to present times.” Students are free, for everyone else $3 minimum donation encouraged. There’s also a gift shop that I’m curious to check out. The museum is only open weekends from noon to four. Special tours can be arranged for week days, visit the website for more information.

Thanks Jamie for such a great idea, I can’t wait to read about the hundreds of free things to do all over our great United States! Make sure to visit the CRAFT site so you can see what others have posted too!

Apparently I needed a hiatus. Perhaps it was a Sabbatical. I think I did too much for too many days in a row and I crashed and burned. But I’m slowly finding my footing and getting back to good. I apologize for my absence and hope it won’t happen again!
So where was I? Oh yes, as I mentioned in the Green Pig post, I also made the red bird from Angry Birds. 
Angry Birds - The Red One
Angry Birds – The Red One

I’ve actually made three of these now. With this one perched atop one of my tea cups from my awesome birthday tea set I realize it looks like he’s sitting on a barrel. Perhaps this one is a bit of a pirate, maybe he needs an eye patch. 🙂

The red bird was my first fleece plushie, and an instant favorite, it was such a quick fun project, and watching the character come to life was magical! I’ve never had a project with such instant charm that touched me and made me smile, I look forward to making many fun plushie creatures and can’t wait to share them with friends and family so they can all smile too!
For this, I have to think Care from Obsessively Stitching, her tutorials are awesome, she responds to email, and her ideas are endless! I highly recommend you visit Obsessively Stitching and check out her projects, and definitely make your own Angry Bird! Even if you’re new to sewing, her tutorials are so great you’ll be able to follow along, check them out.
P.S. when you participate, be sure to post in her Flickr group.
Green Pig

This is my Green Pig from Angry Birds

I love him even more than the red angry bird, and I adore him! I can’t wait to see the whole menagerie together. If you have loved ones that are addicted to Angry Birds like I do and you love to make things, then you should definitely check out Obsessively Stitching and make one of each from Care’s tutorials.

I love the tutorials from Care, she has great techniques that really help a hobbyist like me make sense of the sewing techniques. I also love how much character you can put into a some fleece by following her applique instructions to make their little faces.

Green Pig
Isn’t he cute? 🙂

PS. I am obviously still figuring out how to use my macro photo studio, so some pictures are turning out better than others. I apologize for that!

Happy Easter Everyone!


Beautiful Daisy's from the Big Rock Triathlon at Lake Perris


The rosemary from my Garden Gift is blooming, so pretty!

Back in March, you’ll remember the fun tie dye party we had. It’s finally time do to something with the great fabric I dyed. I knew I was going to be making lightweight scarves, so I’ve been keeping my eyes open in the blogosphere for any great inspiration. As usual, I have not been let down. I found a tutorial for a Summer Scarf from Dana Made It and also this Ruffled Scarf from The Sewing Republic. I didn’t have enough yardage to make the Ruffled Scarf, so I went with the Summer Scarf this time. I plan on making the Ruffled Scarf out of a rummage sale find if I can piece it together to make it long enough.

So, enough about that, my beautiful mentor, another woman in a management position who has taken me under her wing share a special birthday lunch each April as our birthdays are ten days apart. This year I knew I wanted to make her something special, and I knew she was fun-spirited enough to pull off a tie dyed scarf, so it was the perfect gift for her.

Summer Scarf

The colors are so beautiful

I love that even though this is hippy tie dye, the colors came out rich and gorgeous, like an elegant silk batik, and it worked out so that you could pair this with a great outfit for work and it would be professional, or you could throw it on with a summer skirt and t-shirt for some great fun.

I apologize for the darker pictures, the light wasn’t that great but I had to shoot it before I wrapped it!

Summer Scarf

I love the center accent that hides the gather, great touch!

Summer Scarf

A little closer

Summer Scarf

The full monty


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