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Hooded Baby Blanket – Finished!

Posted on: February 17, 2011

Back in January I gave you a sneak preview of a project I was working on for my dear friend and her first child. I’m happy to say that Monday night I finally finished the project! The Hooded Baby Blanket pattern was from Lion Brand off the label for the Pound of Love in turquoise. I just love, love, love the color and wish I was brave enough to make a wrap for myself in it. Alas, I tend to stick to the neutral colors to be safe.  Hooded Baby  Blanket - FinalBut, for the baby it’s perfect, and I can’t wait to see pictures with him! For now, I had to stuff it with a sleeping bag (my hubby has a super tiny sleeping bag, the whole thing fits in the hood) to give it some feeling and give you and idea of what it looks like.  Since he just started rolling over this will be a great soft surface for him to roll around on. Oh, speaking of, did I mention how soft and wonderful the yarn is when you wash and dry it? No, it is, lovely, makes me want to shrink and take a nap. I’ve had to put it up high to keep it away from the cats, they are drawn to soft blankets like well, like me! I still love this pattern and will definitely use it again. I am thinking of making a narrow scarf with the remnants of the yarn. It won’t be a whole wrap but it’ll be a splash of color that I love!


2 Responses to "Hooded Baby Blanket – Finished!"

So stoked it’s done! Can’t wait to see it in real life soon! 🙂

[…] to said for the rhythm of a large project when it’s a stitch you love to create. (like the Hooded Baby Blanket). I think I’m going to create some stitch samplers so I’ll have them to remember my […]

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