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Scrappy Stuffed Heart

Posted on: February 28, 2011

On Friday, my friend from Saving the World… One Craft at a Time sent me  a link to this blog post: Scrappy Stuffed Heart. Since it was Friday, after all, we said, let’s get together after work and make one for our friend in the hospital.

After I got home, the Lizard Hunter dropped her off and we started digging through my fabric stash. We were able to pull together some suitable partners, I mean it is a scrappy stuffed heart. We decided to make the heart to try to match the decor of our friends’ home. I had some hunter green fabric, and great iridescent ribbon to work with. Scrappy Heart Pillow Closeup Button HeartWe decided to create a button heart stitched to a piece of fleece and with lace edging. We also cut out a heart from some fleece fabric for another project and make a pocketScrappy Heart Pillow Pocket out of that. I used some scrap paper from a recycled safety envelope and made a tag that says “The Beat Goes On” and stuck that in our pocket.

We of course had to take a break for sushi. What good crafting night doesn’t include sushi?  After sushi, since the fabric store was just a few doors down we had to go raid the remnant bin and we both found some fantastic scraps for future scrappy hearts or other fun projects. Once we were home and settled in, the guys watching hockey and playing the PS2, we got back to work and finished up the last touches on the scrappy heart. The heart turned out great, and I can’t think Belle and Burger enough for the great tutorial! I can’t wait to have our friend home enjoying his new pillow!

Scrappy Heart Pillow


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[…] To help my mother-in-law and give her a better chance than I give myself, I (and by I, I do mean Andrea from Saving the World) created this cute Keepsake Folder to safely store all her paper memorabilia while she’s traveling. (Andrea crafted this while I was working on the Scrappy Stuffed Heart.) […]

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